May 11, 2004

Keep Computers 'Putin

*The Snoop/Nate Dogg/Warren G press conference today was high comedy. A squeaky-clean journo from some celebrity orgy viewcam - Access Hollywood? - asked about the trio's first single, "Groupy Luv."

A couple of questions later: "Are you planning on touring with this record?"
Nate Dogg, deadpan: "How else are we gonna get 'groupy luv' if we don't go on tour? Shiiittt..."

*Once aimed at representing for their industrial, hood-rich, Long Beach surroundings, the 213 project has taken so long for Dogg, Dogg and G to put together, Long Beach has actually changed its area code
to 310 and 562.

*Nevermind that Snoop was wearing a diamond encrusted chain that featured a man taking a woman from behind.

*The NBA playoffs are unwatchable. Better you read Cam'ron's redheaded record-slangin', t-shirt-makin', Spin-rockin' cousin instead.

*The Army Times makes a salient point in their rebuke of Rumsfled: by denying the Iraqi prisoners due process or any basic rights afforded prisoners of war by the Geneva Convention, they cultivated an atmosphere for the foot-soldiers that basically said, "yep, anything goes." Thus, the failure is from the top-down.

Meanwhile, the six soldiers, as despicable as their actions were, become the punchline of the hawks, probably blamed for undermining the war effort. At work, we were going to do a piece on "What Is A Court Martial?" for all the TRL kiddies (NOT hosted by Britney Spears or Ursher, unfortunately). Can we do "What is a Scapegoat?" instead?

*Does someone know - who produced Cam's "Get Em Girls," Kanye West? He's in the video but did he do the beat? Or was he making a set-cameo like he did with Young Gunz' "Friday Night"?

Posted by joseph at May 11, 2004 01:42 AM | TrackBack

saw the piece on court martials. what is a scapegoat? woulda been perfect for 'trl kiddies' who are at the bottom rung i.e., at higher risk.
and had the groupy luv album been titled 562 or 310 that would be pretty weak. after all, beverly hills = 310.

Posted by: leftcoastchic at May 21, 2004 03:25 PM

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