May 18, 2004

If you can't respect that your whole perspective is wack

Just Blaze has produced a new mixtape for Jay "When I Come Back Wearing the 4-5" Z, called "S. Carter The Remix." Jordan retired three times so Jay's got a gameplan to follow. Jordan shows up on the mixtape, giving Jay a shout-out for being successful in his career (which is like Jim Brown taking Barry Bonds out for surf 'n turf). Diddy's on there, too, but at this point, I'd rather get a phone call from Jermaine Dupri. I mean, yeah, the man spins gold records out of his ass but everything else he touches breaks up (Da Band), does 5-10 upstate (Loon, Shyne, et al), or, well, dies (Biggie, charity basketball patrons, circa 1991). And how's this for guilt-symetrics: Heavy D, the other defendant in that layup-for-death b-ball game has now signed a production deal with Diddy.

Wait, is that Man-On-Fire Denzel giving a shout out to Jay on the mix-CD, too? Goddamn. Name-dropping Lenny Kravitz, like a motherfucker. (Speaking of Lenny, he's baptizing people in the back of limousine hot tub outside the Times Square Virgin Megastore Wednesday at 5pm. What kind of gimmick is that? Can't he just drop his drawls and use his dick as a record-buying magnet for white college girls everywhere? Doesn't that work anymore? Ben Harper?).

Nah, let's get this out of the way for the backpackers in the house. The Jigga mixtape includes remixes of each of The Black Album tracks from Just Blaze, 9th Wonder, Charlamagn and a couple of other cats. No Kanye (except for obligatory Talib Kweli cumshot, "Get By" remix) but THERE IS A REMIX BY MADLIB. Yeah, let your Jansport marinate in that for a little bit.

Otis did 2 tracks, only one of which shows up here, a remix of "Threat" that is more interlude than anything...

It's discordant to hear Just Blaze shout out "YNQ" and "Quas" in this context. And the track is kinda strange...very mixtape...but with a little applied thought, i think Madlib could do a Roc-A-Fella track or two in coming years. I can see it happen.

Best remix on here: PSA from Jus Blazey himself. Plus Jay's freestyle over "Warm It Up Kane" which kinda screams for BDK himself but to no avail.

More remixes on the way courtesy the official release of the Black Album acapella CD, but they'll all be from busters.

And it's all for a sneaker, bitches.

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