May 06, 2004

short shorts

We spent the entire last month being an April Fool. But we have returned with these bits of information:

*Jon Caramanica does not have a pair of shorts. But he does have a blog .

*Coachella is sometimes not about the concert at all. But about the heat. And doing nothing in the heat. And doing nothing in the heat while white people (the same one ringing the register on Kanye's verse) play golf and lunch and buy canary-yellow blazers and shoulder-wrap red cardigans.

*If it were any other team, we'd give a fuck about the NHL Playoffs, even though they are quite riveting. It's hard to center yourself around the ice rink fulcrum when your body aches for sunshine and heat and girls in pink skirts. But it is the San Jose Sharks and my sister and I have been waiting twelve years for this team to get over the hump. We are excited by this team and wish that all the sports teams we root for were comprised of similar elements: speedy, young stars and cagey veterans and hungry role players.

*This will not turn into a sports blog unless it really has to. I mean, the fuck else you gonna do in June? I mean, Rasheed left Portland so shouldn't Hot Pants leave, too?

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