March 18, 2004

three is the murrgic number

Speaking of Urrsher...
We are not as in love with "Yeah!" as we once were but still like it enough to sing along when it comes on and dream when we see the video that Mr. Raymond (who spins around so fast that his last name would be another's first) and Mr. Timberlake will square a dance-off for Beyonce's love and affection in the back-alleyway of some future MJ video.

My cubicle-peer Joe D correctly describes "Yeah!" as three-separate songs in one: Usher's half-rhyme singing, Luda's circus ringleader rap, and Lil Jon's growls (and by now, Lil Jon sounds like David Chapelle doing Lil Jon to you too).

Speaking of Chapelle: He got a shout out from the stage at the Prince show Monday night, which I guess means that Prince isn't salty about the shirts vs. blouses ribalding he was given in that one episode...

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