March 18, 2004

three is the murrgic number

Speaking of Urrsher...
We are not as in love with "Yeah!" as we once were but still like it enough to sing along when it comes on and dream when we see the video that Mr. Raymond (who spins around so fast that his last name would be another's first) and Mr. Timberlake will square a dance-off for Beyonce's love and affection in the back-alleyway of some future MJ video.

My cubicle-peer Joe D correctly describes "Yeah!" as three-separate songs in one: Usher's half-rhyme singing, Luda's circus ringleader rap, and Lil Jon's growls (and by now, Lil Jon sounds like David Chapelle doing Lil Jon to you too).

Speaking of Chapelle: He got a shout out from the stage at the Prince show Monday night, which I guess means that Prince isn't salty about the shirts vs. blouses ribalding he was given in that one episode...

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March 17, 2004

dave tompkins' dreams

Dave Tompkins suggested the solicitation of "Storm Clouds & Silver Lining" by Sixtoo several weeks ago but we ignored his suggestion until about two weeks ago. Why? Well, frankly, I have little faith in nerdy white bedroom producers these days. And Sixtoo is Canadian and while we generally love Canadians all the way around (please visit Montreal and Ottawa often), we do not trust their judgment in beats.

But goddamn if that song doesn't have the BEAT.

Damo Suzuki shakes his throat Can-Can like no one can and the two together turn this nine-minute jam into this kraut-krunk extravaganza. I see now why DT called it the place to be.

I imagine DT dreams in such spectral sonic freakouts all the time.

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take that and rewind it back...

Thanks to Trent for the correction on the EUR Web story - though he's only half right. EUR Web copped the majority of their story from the mtv news piece, including many of the quotes, but that last quote i thought they made up came from USA Today.

Now "copped" is probably too harsh an indictment. EUR Web is a wire service and they collect stories from a variety of sources like all wire services do. Except, they often skip that crucial step: crediting their sources. In the ultra-competitive world of entertainment news, that's a dangerous tap-dance. And frustrating for the sources who clearly don't have the same proliferation of syndicated outlets.

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March 11, 2004

Beat Biters

In the 7 months I've tapped into my "reporter" side, competing with wires, dailies, gossip rags, industry trades and the like for news ("information is currency" and blah blah blah), I've learned a tremendous amount about how stories are broken -- and then co-opted, morphed and generally exhumed for one's own means.

Case in point: I did an exclusive interview with P. Diddy, where he revealed this point, among many (but clearly the one to peg the story on). Well, the clever blokes at EUR Web, the english-based celebrity gossip wire (more prolific than cam'ron at the powder factory), picked up my story, made it their own and then sent it out on their wire to a worldwide media syndicate.

Nevermind that they don't credit the source (the mothership), but they straight up invented their own quote: "Not that it will affect the rap community in the way that Jay-Z's retirement did. But I'll be shedding a tear the last time I walk off that stage."

the fuck?!

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What is that? 90 bones?

A scan of this week's Soundscan charts (actually, they call it NEXT week's Soundscan charts but really, if it debuted last week and the numbers are available this week, in this age of instant publishing do we really need to wait until NEXT week?) will show that, yes, the record companies should soon get the hint that it's 30-and 40-somethings buying up CDs and not the teens/20s with coveted disposable income. In the UK, they've given it a name: the 50-Quid Man. The one who strolls into Virgin or HMV and drops 50 Pounds (roughly 90 dollars) on a couple of CDs, a DVD, a magazine and/or a book. Every week. Disposable income going to durable entertainment goods.

Ok, to avoid laziness...

The current exchange rate would make this term, in the US, the $89.96 Man or Woman, which is not quite as catchy but plenty rhythmic off the tongue.

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March 04, 2004

sippin' on syrup

We were frightened our own damn selves in reading that last entry, although there were requests from some to bronze that ninja. The hour between ingesting the Ambien and staggering over the laptop drooling on your knucks is perhaps the most warped existential state i've experienced. My straight edge friends (including the Chicago and Portland chapters) will not approve but St. DJ Screw would. In fact, he'd have slowed ninjas down even more...

Speaking of Screw, the Swisha House/Universal collabo takes it to another level with news that all southern hip-hop albums coming out on Universal (David Banner, Big Tymers, Lil' Wayne, etc) will be followed by the release of Chopped & Screwed versions of same said albums. DB's debut, Mississippi: The Album, was filled with backwater bravado but Screwed, a song like "Cadillac on '22s/Fire Fallin'" turns into this melancholy confessional. So we are very excited about this development.

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March 01, 2004

you don't have to ball if you slow

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Ambien YUM!

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