September 13, 2004

a leak don't come for free

Below is an actual press release regarding the version of The Streets song "Dry Your Eyes" featuring Coldplay's Chris Martin. Yeah, it's such a bummer that a track featuring one of the biggest voices in pop music leaked to radio stations (stations that can't even butter their bagels for breakfast without getting greased by someone) and suddenly exploded. And how can the label feel good about a sudden surge in album sales when they know it came against protocol? But that's life in the internet age...

hey, thought i'd pass on to you this "story" about the leak of the chris martin (coldplay) version of the streets' "dry your eyes". the streets did not want this out (unfinished song, etc) but it is leaked and blowing up at radio big time- with no way to stop it. he is also on the cover of uk's Q mag this month as best songwriters of all time (along with beatles, etc!). below are commercial stations adding this leaked song and a statement from the streets camp below that. it's "newsworthy" so i thought i'd put it your way. let me know if you do anything on it, need more info, etc.

Q101 Chicago : put it into their staff pick rotation. 15+ spins a week for the next 2-3 weeks in all day parts, highlighted with front sell by DJ
99X Atlanta : #1 phones for weeks
WFNX Boston :moves to 21+ spins a week and top 3 phones
KNRK Portland :#1 phones and #1 most played
WWCD Columbus :#1 phones
KRBZ Kansas City :top 3 phones
KNDD seattle :now #1 phones after 18 spins
WBRU Providence :now #1 phones after 17x
WDYL Richmond :adding today after testing it 17x....already #2 phones
Indie 103 LA :Moved to record up to 3-4 spins a day

comment from the streets' management regarding the leak of
this version of "dry your eyes" with chris martin of coldplay:

"its a track that we did with chris but for various reasons just didn't
work out and wasn't meant to see the light of day. We have no idea how
anyone heard it outside of the closest people to both bands and aren't
particularly pleased, but this is the internet age and these things happen
no matter what you try and do.

The definitive finished version features someone else on the chorus and is
one of the biggest songs of the year in the UK (and is kicking off across
europe), it's a classic, so we're a bit frustrated by the confusion.

Chris is an absolute diamond and its just one of those things that didn't
come together 100 percent. We hope people get to hear the real version as
the other one is nowhere near finished and isn't meant for listening. "

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I've heard both versions, and prefer the Chris Martin version... Our station here in Portland, OR has it.. It's a great offbeat song that mixes in well with Alternative music strangely enough.

Posted by: Grif at November 16, 2004 02:56 AM

"Oye, you chinky bastids! You geezers are mucking up me plans to have this tune here sit on the shelf! Its a bloody smash hit and I didn't mean for it to happpen. All the punters will think I'm just a lucky schumck instead of a professional musician who plots and plans every move he makes! Oye! Oye!"

Posted by: Q at November 22, 2004 04:53 AM

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