February 18, 2004

Plug 'Tunin

One of the things the Neptunes let slip in the many tantalizing times they've been interviewed by us, is that some of those brilliant, fleet-footed, sidewalk-lights-up-in-blocks-as-you-step songs (they're not "beats" well, they're beats like tits are just body parts) they wrote and produced for Justin Timberlake and Usher were originally conceived for Michael Jackson's "comeback" album (and MJ, to his dis-credit, took "comeback" to mean resurrecting his molestation jones. Allegedly). I mean, some of that was rumored and wasn't it just so fucking obvious anyway, the way Usher one-glove-crotch-grabbed (while wearing a red leather jacket sippin'juice in the hood) and the way Justin pulled a Lauryn and tried to fuck his way into the Jackson family legacy, er, I mean, danced on the boom-box at the MTV Video Music Awards that one year.

But there goes Chad Hugo in passing, no-cameras, one-hand-on-the-cell-phone conversation, telling me that Usher's spectacular (don't believe me? listen to it again motherfucker) moondance, "U Don't Have To Call," and Justin's "Like I Love You," "Rock Your Body," and "Last Nite" were originally written for MJ. Problem was, while MJ was dicking around with the local Weeblos, wunderkind Rodney Jerkins, and some cancerous child (who, like the others, comes from an economically disadvantaged family and thus is easy prey so get the fuck out of there with that 'blame the parents' bullshit), he had enough static between him and THE BEST PRODUCERS IN THE WORLD AT THE TIME, that they couldn't get to him. Seriously. Pharrell confirmed Chad's note-passing and said they tried to submit the roughs but couldn't penetrate the enemy at the gate.

So instead of Molester's Convention with R. Kells, MJ could've been like, reborn and shit. Phoenix rising from the flames, son! On some Can Ox shit!

Posted by joseph at February 18, 2004 01:16 AM | TrackBack

Yeah it was killing me to know MJ had dissed the Neptunes, seeing him come out with that tepid-ass "rock my world" instead. I remember "Senorita" being foremost among the MJ rejection rumors, Chad didn't mention that one?

Not the first time either, I believe he chased Teddy Riley off the same way years ago. Possibly around the time the Neptunes were ghost-producing for him, now that I think of it.

Did they ever confirm that "Frontin" was also a rejectee, this time by Prince?

Posted by: Jay Smooth at February 19, 2004 12:48 AM

> Yeah it was killing me to know MJ had dissed the Neptunes, seeing him come out with that tepid-ass "rock my world" instead...

I actually didn't mind "rock my world" (and the Hov-assisted remix) but the fact that the Neptunes couldn't even get to MJ speaks volumes about the fact that whomever he has around him on his team either: 1) don't know what the hell they're doing or 2) simply don't have his best interests at heart. Either way it's a crying shame to see his career and life both going down the tubes like this.

Posted by: ian at February 20, 2004 09:01 PM

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